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Froggy Hoodie

Froggy Hoodie

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“AH.” He thought of something.

Designed for oversized, wide fit. PLEASE, do NOT size up.
Please refer to sizing chart for sizing suggestions.

- fuzzy embroidered froggy friend
- stretchy mock turtle neck
- puffy lantern sleeves w/ flower embroidery on the left sleeve
- oversized hood w/ inside anti-static lining for your hair
- 85% 365GSM cotton | 15% polyester (heavy fall/winter hoodie)
- synthetic cashmere lined insides (super soft!)
- chunky wide drawstrings
- in-seam pockets on both sides, with one pocket featuring microfiber lined outside so that you can reach your hands in and use it as a glove to clean your glasses or phone! VIDEO

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Machine washable (cool water), do not tumble dry, do not iron.

Since the material is not 100% cotton, the polyester may be too sensitive, and can be damaged if the iron is too hot.
You can steam it instead! Or put a thick towel in between the iron to lessen the impact of the heat. We do not recommend placing the iron directly on fabric that is part synthetic.

  • < 5'0"

    Order a SMALL for an already oversized fit.

    We do not recommend sizing up for this style!

  • 5’5” - 5’8”

    Order a MEDIUM for an already oversized look, or LARGE for a VERY baggy look.

    5’9” - 6’+
    Recommend a LARGE for a regular baggy look.

  • Plus size & extra small sizes:

    Plus size options available during preorders only!

    Our small business has to meet minimum order quantities to restock our XS and XL sizes!

Froggy Hoodie Jacket Size Chart

S 70cm 73cm 56cm 50cm
M 74cm 74cm 60cm 54cm
L 77cm 75cm 63cm 57cm

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