• I am open for commercial work only unless stated otherwise!

    Due to scheduling, please understand if my schedule & rates are not suitable for personal commissions.

    Thank you for understanding I cannot prioritize personal projects over commercial jobs!

  • If you are a company or business looking to contract a freelance artist, please send me an email with details!

    Make sure to include information such as:

    • your timeline/deadlines
    • type of work
    • any reference materials
  • Email me directly..

    Or fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page!

    Below are my average starting estimates for commercial use projects: 

    All prices are in USD*

Pricing & Base Estimates

  • Full illustration w/Character

    single full body character + BG $4,000+
  • Environments & Background

    no characters $3,000+
  • Full Body Character Illustration

    character only, no BG or simple BG $1,500+
  • Half Body Character Illustration

    half body, no BG or simple BG $800+
  • Extra Characters

    per extra character +$500/each
  • Graphics & Design

    daily rate for small graphics $250/day
  • Merch Design

    work with fuwa to release your own merchandise (apparel, plushies, anything really!) negotiable


Non-commercial rates negotiable.


Terms of Service

Any agreements that are broken may result in being blacklisted, and your order cancelled/refunded either partially or in whole.

  • You are of legal age.
  • You have usage rights for any details, including inspirational images, and any other design aids provided for reference in this project.
  • The artist reserves the right to post any deliverables on social media, unless requested otherwise. (Check Privacy Fee)
  • You understand your usage rights, and are responsible for providing information on your intended use of any deliverables.
  • You acknowledge any reproduction of the work, especially reproductions that will be used for profit or commercial uses, is strictly prohibited unless approved by the artist in writing.
  • You will communicate in detail your intended usage, and agree to discuss any changes in additional uses with the artist at any time during and after the project completion, which may be subject to the artist's approval.

Usage Rights & Payment

  • The artist reserves the right to refuse any project.
  • Invoices are due upon receipt unless otherwise discussed. If the agreed payment is not received during the agreed timeframe, the artist reserves the right to cancel the project.
  • The artist reserves all rights to any deliverables until the agreed payment is paid in full.
  • For any projects under $1,000 USD, all costs are due upfront.
  • For any projects over $1,000 USD, costs may be split between 50% upfront, and 50% upon completion.
  • Projects include commercial usage rights for the client, unless stated otherwise.
  • Personal use rates can be discussed, however, if any changes in additional usage rights need to be added after project completion, details need to be discussed with the artist and may involve additional payment.

Privacy Fee:

Refers to you requesting part or all parts of your deliverables and its process being offline, nothing will be publicized on social media by the artist.

  • 10%-50% upcharge depending on the level of privacy
  • negotiable

Revision Fee:

  • Two revisions are allotted while the commission is still in progress.
  • Revision requests after the commission is completed is charged with a negotiable revision fee (capped at 20%)


  • The artist cannot offer a refund after the initial draft has been completed, under normal circumstances.
  • In the event the artist is unable to complete the request, a discussed partial refund will be offered based on the current completion of the deliverables.
  • No refunds will take place, and the client agrees not to file a chargeback after a project has been completed.
  • The client is not guaranteed a full refund.
  • If a project is cancelled due to the client's inability to comply with any Terms of Service, the artist reserves the right to cancel the project without any refunds.

Terms of Service Changes

  • Fuwaffy LLC may choose to revise these Terms at any given point.
  • Only ongoing projects will be notified of any changes made that may affect their project.
  • By continuing to use the artist's deliverables and services, the client agrees to any revisions in the Terms.

Email fuwa!

If you are inquiring about a commission, please include:

Reference images
Key notes/character descriptions
Deadline expectations
Estimated budget for any larger projects!

What is your inquiry regarding?*

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