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Bee Cozy Jacket

Bee Cozy Jacket

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A very round cozy bee.

Designed for a true fit, please refer to sizing chart for sizing suggestions.
Available in a SHORT or regular UNISEX fit.

- a special fluffy embroidered bumble bee
- 4 pockets! 2 inside pockets, 2 front pockets!
- puffy sleeves w/ embroidery on each sleeve
- 85% 300GSM cotton | 15% polyester (spring/fall jacket)
- synthetic cashmere lined insides (super soft!)

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Machine washable (cool water), do not tumble dry, do not iron.

Since the material is not 100% cotton, the polyester may be too sensitive, and can be damaged if the iron is too hot.
You can steam it instead! Or put a thick towel in between the iron to lessen the impact of the heat. We do not recommend placing the iron directly on fabric that is part synthetic.

  • < 5'0" - 5'6"

    Order a SMALL in short or unisex fit for the intended look!

    Size up to a unisex fit MEDIUM for a slightly baggier look!

    This jacket is not designed for an oversized look, sizing up more may be awkward.

  • 5’6” - 5’9”

    Order a short or unisex fit MEDIUM for the intended look. You can even size down to a SMALL for a less baggy look!

    5’9” - 6’+
    Recommend a LARGE for intended fit.

  • Plus size & extra small sizes:

    Plus size options available during preorders only!

    Our small business has to meet minimum order quantities to restock our XS and XL sizes!

Bee Cozy Jacket Size Chart

SizeShouldersSleeveChestFront Length (Unisex/Short Fit)
S 82cm 43cm 120cm 68/58cm
M 85cm 45cm 128cm 70cm/60cm
L 86cm 46cm 136cm 72cm/62cm
XL 88cm 47cm 144cm 74cm/64cm
XXL 89cm 48cm 152cm 76cm/66cm

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