How to update your shipping address!

This is a guide detailing how to check your order info, or if you've made a typo, or a move, here's how you can adjust your shipping info yourself!
No need to contact us, as long as your order is still unfulfilled, you have all the freedom to change it!

To follow these instructions, first you will need to have a registered account. Please register with the same email address you used to place your order. This will link your order to your new account.

Step 1: Log in to your account using the same email that you used to place your order with.
You can verify this by checking which email you received your order confirmation on!
If you do not have an account, go ahead and create one with the correct email address. Your active orders will automatically show up! Older orders prior to our platform move (Summer 2022 or before) may not show up.


Step 2: Click on the order number of the order you'd like to adjust.

If your order does not appear, and you are sure you have the right email address registered, please contact us at


Step 3: Select "Update Address" under your shipping address info.


This will take you to the page asking you for your new shipping info!

That's it!

Please contact us if you cannot log in to your account, if your shipping info does not appear, or if you entered the wrong email at checkout!

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